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Internet Marketing

TOP 10 Rankings in Google/Yahoo/Bing/AOL and other major search engines

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Ever thought how people can find you on the internet?

  • Ads published in the newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc.
  • Word of mouth (WOM)

But logically thinking is it possible that people sitting in US can find products and services, through ads published in any market. The answer is an obvious NO.

So, how can you generate your business prospects in the market where your advertisements fail to reach?

Well this is where what we call “search engine optimization services” comes in to existence.

93% of consumers worldwide use search engines to find and access websites: –
Source: Forrester Research

Search Engine is that tool which has the capability of driving 70-80% traffic to the website making you known worldwide. But is that really so, SEO Experts and specialists have observed that on an average people visiting the search engine and making use of it don’t go beyond 2nd page unless they are really looking for you in particular. So, what exactly is important is “Ranks” i.e. to rank higher in the search engines. Ranking higher in the search engine is an art accomplished only by SEO Professionals when the content in your website is “unique” and “different” and the right strategy has been employed for choosing the keywords and what exactly has the main focus been throughout.

85% of qualified Internet traffic is driven through search engines, however 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of results.: –
Source: Seventh WWW User Survey – Georgia Institute of Technology

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Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that fetches international exposure for our customers. The techniques used in the optimization process are unique and very well designed to meet the requirements for increased traffic. Because higher is the ranking more is the chance of people visiting the site and more will be the profitability.

Most of the SEO firms ensure that they provide highest ranking in the top most search engines but, one main concept behind this is the “keyword” for which they are providing the service.

Imagine searching for ABC Company in Google so what is the first result quite obvious your own company name but not everybody knows that ABC Company is doing XYZ job.

At times, the SEO companies provide optimization for obscure words that many people don’t know except for the SEO Experts themselves.

So rely on the best.

Search Engine Results

Every time you fill a word for search that gets results for two types: –

  • Real result is simply a list of those sites that have content relevant to that word. The ranking of a website depends upon how compatible that content of the website is to that word and also, how important that content is.

Mind you 87% of the traffic to any site is directed though real results and NOT PAID.

  • The next category is the Paid” or “Sponsored links”. It amounts to that result which the search engine gets paid for and depends how much you pay and definitely on the quality of work done. Pay Per click, simply refers to the scheme according to which the advertiser has to pay only, when the user has clicked on the link.

Paid advertisements getting out of reach of your pocket?

The best alternatives to stay away from the paid advertisements, is to turn to SEO consultants for ‘Real’ advertising.

Strategies of SEO

Two main arrows for targeting higher ranks in search engines are:-

  • Keywords-: Those words or collection of words that brings the user to search engine and lands right into your website. More the amount of relevancy and importance of the content written higher your website ranks!
  • Links Generation-: How search engines judge the importance of the matter in your website? The answer is “linking”. They tell the search engines how important your site is and depending on that the search engines decide the height of ranking by judging the importance for them to display it at the top of the ranking result.
  • Copy Writing-: Web content is always going to be the king of SEO. Unless the content is actually having those efficient keywords, it’s almost of no use. Copy writing is the activity of writing the content which includes the keywords in the most profitable manner. Another term associated with the Copy writing is Copy editing in which the content is often updated depending upon the hierarchy of keyword importance.

Every time a website is made it gets registered with the search engines and they actually analyze the entire content and index i.e. record the details in turn providing your website the kind of ranking it deserves.

Our Expertise

We at Web Sequel LLC, a leading search engine marketing firm in India, ensure that every website that comes for optimization gets the right amount of attention and it goes through our rigorous process of providing “uniqueness” in every possible manner.

According to the requirements of the user and from the customer’s point of view, it is always well decided as to which strategy be employed for getting the website top most ranking.

Some steps that can be taken are

  • Using just the correct word
  • Getting lot of relevant linking from different websites
  • Usage of right words in those links
  • Have lot of content and add more on regular basis


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